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USAT level 1  |  USMS level 2  | 7 years Coaching experience


Keate- It's like Pete, but with a K.

Keate got his start in endurance sports in 2011, at a local Olympic distance triathlon. After a less than stellar race, he was eager to improve and better himself. One race quickly became five,  five became ten, and like many endurance junkies he became hooked. While self coaching for 2 years Keate soaked up any knowledge he could find on training processes through books, online articles, and local talent. Keate was in school at Weber State University for Athletic Training when he knew he wanted to further not only his ability as an athlete, but to help others achieve dramatic results. Shortly after that he partnered up with a high performance multisport coaching company based out of Utah and started getting certified. Keate now takes pride in coaching athletes all over the spectrum of multisport including: off road triathlon, ultra running, long distance triathlon, mountain biking, and more.




Peter Manley

In 2005, I did my first Half Ironman at Oceanside. My training consisted of running 4-5 days a week, no cycling and no swimming. I finished the race, but just barely under the cutoff time. My second outing at this distance, again at Oceanside, was in 2014. This time, I added swimming and cycling to my training regimen and was able to finish in 7:00 hours. Still not the performance I was looking for. So, for the rest of 2014 and into 2015, I trained a lot more. In 2015, I shaved 40 minutes off from the previous year, and hit 6:20. Not bad, but still not under 6:00 hours. So, in 2015-2016, I continued training, but in 2016, I was still at around the same time - 6:23.

I knew that to reach the performance levels I was looking for, I'd have to get a coach who knew how to structure a training program to help me squeeze more speed out of this aging body. So, in June, 2016, I enlisted the help of Balanced Art Multisport and with the help of Keate Avery as my trainer, coach and friend, I was able to shave another 20 minutes off my time at Oceanside in 2017.

Now, with Keate's help, I'm looking to get to the next level in my performance. For 2018, I'm shooting for 5:30 at Oceanside. Not an easy task. At 56, my body definitely requires a little more recovery time and balance to avoid injury. There are several things I like about working with Keate. He checks in on me during the week to see how my training is going for the week. Since my job can be quite demanding at times, we make adjustments to my training when I need more time to work or when I start getting burned out. My goal is to keep racing Tri's until I can't do it any more. Hopefully, with Keate's help, that will be many years from now. 

Kelly Hall

I started working with Keate in 2015. I'm not the most ideal athlete out there, he had his work cut out for him. I came with big dreams of cutting time and completing my first full IRONMAN in my first year of training. Within the first few months I could see and feel the difference in his coaching, having been previously coached. I took time off in swimming, cycling, and running. I even managed 6 age group placings. By the end of the year I went into my IRONMAN with confidence that I was trained right and ready for it. With not having a bunch of extra time he managed my training to fit the time I had without neglect to life in general. 

I have a demanding job, with long hours and extended travel. Keate helped me manage needed training while still balancing family and work. 

Rachael Penchoen-Lind

With big goals for the 2017 triathlon season, I knew I needed to enlist the help of a coach. After some searching I found Keate and I can't speak highly enough of the coaching I have received- he is understanding of my need to be flexible with a crazy "real life" schedule but also knows when to tell me to get my act together. With Keate's guidance, I've dropped from a 6:50 half ironman to a 5:18 and qualified for the 70.3 world championships in my second triathlon season!