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My philosophy:

Work with athletes in a highly personalized approach that allows them to find success in any endurance goals they may have, while enjoying life along the way.    

what i believe


Triathlon can be as high a maintenance sport as you can make it. With 3 sports all demanding consistency for proficiency, it's easy to get lost in the chaos of training, planning and making it all fit together. My goal is to simplify your life so that you can focus on whats most important to you, whether thats qualifying for worlds, staying active and having fun, or just trying to justify eating carbs like they're going out of style (which they aren't). 


Triathlon Coaching

Brick by brick. A 100% customized training plan built around your individual needs and constructed on a weekly basis. Periodized approaches to your short term and long term goals. 

$200 monthly


Athlete-specific Programs

Bridging the gap between one on one coaching, and a one size fits most training program. An athlete specific program incorporates your training zones and places them into one of our training programs fora regime tailored to you. 


Training Programs

For self coached athletes looking to add more structure to their training. These detailed programs give you a day by day map of workouts to follow to lead you to a PR race.  

Athlete Testimonials

Rachael Penchoen-Lind:

With big goals for 2017, I knew I needed to enlist the help of a coach. After some searching I found Keate and I can't speak highly enough of the coaching I have received- he is understanding of my need to be flexible with a crazy "real life" schedule but also knows when to tell me to get my act together. I've dropped from a 6:50 half ironman to a 5:18 and qualified for the 70.3 world championships in my second triathlon season!

Peter Manley:

There are several things I like about working with Keate. He checks in on me during the week to see how my training is going for the week. Since my job can be quite demanding at times, we make adjustments to my training when I need more time to work or when I start getting burned out. My goal is to keep racing Tri's until I can't do it any more. Hopefully, with Keate's help, that will be many years from now. 

Kelly Hall:

I started working with Keate in 2015. I came with big dreams of cutting time and completing my first full 140.6 in my first year of training. Within the first few months I could see and feel the difference in his coaching, having been previously coached. I took time off in swimming, cycling, and running. I even managed 6 age group placings. By the end of the year I went into my race with confidence that I was trained right.