Beaver Creek: Why it kicks ass

No, I'm not talking about the multiplayer map from Halo 2 for xbox.

I've watched a number of races slip through my fingers this year as the season has progressed and for some reason I still haven't won the lottery or quit my day job. My hopes of racing a few off road tri's before Beaver Creek have been dashed, but if one thing is for damn sure, I will be in Avon in two weeks. 

Last year, was not only my first time racing this new style, but also my first time in Colorado (also, is it Colo-RAD-o, or Colo-Rahhh-do) so I might be biased when I say it kicks all the ass. Either way, here are a few reasons I love this race, and why you need to sign up.

1. The Location

Nestled in the mountains of Avon, Beaver Creek is as scenic off the course as it is on the course. The resort itself is high class and a great place to leisurely explore pre and post race (or pass out with your feet in the stream as I did last year)

For a full 2017 race recap and more details including elevation profiles click here

For a full 2017 race recap and more details including elevation profiles click here

2. The Challenge

Yep. Listing this as a reason why this race kicks ass, but maybe in a different figure of speech than anticipated. With a starting elevation close to 8000 feet and only going up from there, this course will make sure you've been honest in your training. 

3. The Post Race Food

I don't know if this is always the case.. but last year there was veggie friendly burritos for race finishers. Granted it took me a solid 2 hrs before my stomach settled enough to eat one (they were not little), it was delicious when I finally did. Not to mention oversized cookies and a slew of other things. Hands down the best post race food I've encountered and that includes heavily branded endurance races with a $600 entry fee... but we won't go there, this time. 

4. The Community Vibes

From a roadie background, I can clearly state the vibe in the off road scene if very laid back in comparison. Yes competition still exists, it wouldn't be racing if it didn't, but the overall demeanor of the athletes is one of camaRADerie and friendship. They aren't out to beat you, they are out to do their best. It's just sometimes their best is better than your best, and thats ok too. 

If you are signing up for Xterra Beaver Creek (you should be) You can go ahead and use code 18CLUBTRI10 for 10 percent off! 

See you out there!